Exploit Code Too Prevalent?

Microsoft complained this week about “security” companies publishing exploit code for its vulnerabilities. It was once common to publish proof of concept code as a method of proving a vulnerability exists. This goes beyond that. These companies that have received credit for holding off public announcement of the vulnerability until a patch is available, then release exploit code at the same moment Microsoft releases the patches.
Administrators have not yet had time to do any due diligence on the patches. Even if they deployed patches without any testing, roll-outs at large organizations take time.
This exploit code is widely available. Its not like the olden days where you had to know where to look. Now every script kiddie has 5 copies of the code at their disposal and the administrator has it too. This exploit code is then expanded on to create a worm.
Sometimes exploit code is neat. It gives a solid demonstration that encourages people to patch. Releasing this code publicly at the same time the patches are released is reprehensible. Why help the virus writing incubation period?