Death by LCS

Live Communications Servers offer the ability for employees to communicate with one another. Like any communications medium, they are also a way to spread viruses. There are several MSN Messenger specific viruses that effect LCS.
It seems like a good idea to improve employee communication. For people upgrading from Exchange 2000, they get the LCS server for free. They’ve already got the client access licenses. They’re just left with the cost of hardware. So how do you get management to fork over 20k for Antivirus when the rest of the solution is “free”? If its been more than a couple years since the last outbreak, it seems to be more difficult to get security funding. ๐Ÿ™
I heard a report from another company that they’ve been having their employees receive viruses sent through their LCS server. Its not a hypothetical problem anymore. I’m not one of these people who think that security comes first, then security, then security, then security, then security, then cost then security then convenience. Security needs to be in balance with cost, convenience and the potential threat. I think in the case of instant messenging the threat is no longer academic. The threat spread itself across several companies this week. Time to consider antivirus part of the cost of a communication system.