Microsoft Antispyware

Microsoft released a beta of their antispyware software this week. The release notes caution to disable realtime scanning to avoid interference with Enterprise management tools.
As you might expect, I found the GUI to be quite nice compared to other antispyware programs. That’s not Microsoft being GUI-centric, its still the same as what GIANT was using in their software. I liked the install encouraging users to run a scheduled scan and have automatic updates. My first scan found a false positive in WinPCap. I was able to tell it to ignore that forever.
There is not currently any Enterprise management capability to this software. GIANT was working on controlling setting via Group Policy so we hope Microsoft will continue down that path. I have also heard they are looking at releasing updates via SUS so there will be centralized updates.
The program looks pretty nice and will likely be a future leader in enterprise antispyware applications. But for now, I’m happy we’ve made the decision to go with Webroot. I just hope we get Webroot deployed before Microsoft has a viable enterprise antispyware solution.