AP writer attacks MS Antispyware

Matthew Fordahl identified as an AP technology writer wrote a recent review titled Microsoft Anti-Spyware Ineffective.
The article begins by berating Microsoft’s viral cleanup tool for not ridding his dumbass family members infected machine. Clearly he does not understand what this utility is supposed to be. That’s like screaming because McAfee’s Stinger utility doesn’t clean every virus off the machine. This is particularly galling when the problem is obviously spyware, and not viruses.
So half way through the article he finally gets Microsoft Antispyware installed. I dont understand people who criticize MS Antispyware. 1. Its a beta release. 2. Its still basically Giant’s product. The first thing this guy criticizes is the GUI. Clearly the author has not used other Antispyware products. This interface is head and shoulders above that used by Adaware, Spybot Search and Destroy etc. He is unable to get the machine clean, blames the product and reloads the operating system (In my opinion revealing his complete lack of technical skills).
As usual, Microsoft is criticized where other products are not.