Worming into your company

Wired News has a light humorous article on what happens when you work on a project that is canceled before it ships and you’re fired. Of course the only course of action is to sneak into your former employee and finish it right?
As someone in infosec, the article scares the hell out of me. Even though the events occurred a decade ago, they could still occur today. The fired employee was able to continue accessing Apple headquarters because they failed to terminate his access after laying him off. Once the access was disabled employees were slack and allowed him to piggyback at entryways without challenge. Some employees condoned his efforts because they had similar side projects. It got to the point that Managers applied for contractor badges for this rebel even though he wasn’t actually working on anything for Apple. At Apple they like to remind us PC folk that they think differently. Apparently this includes total lack of security. For when his project was done, they licensed it and included it in their Operating System.