Symantec to Buy Veritas??

Saw an article over at Yahoo that Symantec is in talks to purchase veritas. In the article it reports that analysts have expressed concern that this may signal that the security sector may be weakening.
“For them to be taking such a huge step away from security … it does not intuitively strike me as a positive sign for the security space over all,” said Donovan Gow, an analyst at American Technology Research
The end of the “security bubble” has definitely been a concern for those late to the security table. Sure companies are being a bit more cautions about throwing money at any product with security in the name. But that does not obviate the need for security solutions. Clearly I don’t have the inside knowledge of an analyst. But I wonder if the acquisition binge that Symantec and McAfee have been on is more of an indication of the wealth of these companies rather than an indication of their panic. Yet straying from the core security message of the company could be a problem.