Client GUIDs

Many software clients use Globally Unique Identifiers to identify themselves to a network server. This becomes an annoyance to those of us who use disk imaging to deployed systems. Sysprep does a good job of taking care of the Windows SIDs, but the person doing the disk imaging is left to manually go through and delete the remaining GUIDs. Otherwise every imaged system would have the same ID number. (By deleting the GUID just prior to imagine a new ID is created when the system is deployed). I’ve always wondered why these software products didn’t just key off of something else. I guess they didn’t want to use a Microsoft GUID since they wouldn’t’ have the any control over the number provided.
Symantec Antivirus is the worst offender. They addressed the problem of disk imagine causing duplicate GUIDs by having the GUID change seemingly every time the IP address changes. How many times does the IP address change or a different network interface used on a laptop? It could connect on multiple subnets. It could use a VPN. It could dialup. It could be placed in a docking station. Suddenly every system is listed multiple times in the management control console (the SSC) because the GUID keeps changing.
And so I’m off to once again add suppressnewguid into the registry on the SAV parent server to stop the client duplication. Hope the person doing the disk imaging remembers to remove the GUID prior to the image being taken. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if they used a GUID which guaranteed uniqueness by sysprep.