AOL’s Security Ads, Another View

I recently posted about my love for the new series of AOL ads. They highlight the fact that users don’t set out to have security disasters and lose their term papers and family photos to a virus. They don’t set out have their online experience be horrible because of porno spam and spyware. They just want to email grandma the pictures they took at christmas. Is that so wrong?
Tom Liston takes a different view over in today’s SANS Diary. I’m so glad I got my post in first (a month ago actually). This way I know I’m not just having a knee-jerk reaction against what the “experts” have to say.
Liston, claims the ads calls AOL customers idiots. Further that computers are tools that must be used skillfully. Basically he’s playing the old blame the user game. Don’t we yell at Microsoft for not making patching easier, and for not making stopping viruses and spyware easier? Here is AOL stepping up and helping keep the home users system secure. In the past they’ve done things like turn off the Messenger service. Now they are including anti-virus and antispyware. If the updates for this are as easy as the updates to AOLs own software they have the potential to make people much much more secure.
I would highly recommend, reading the following entry from the Microsoft Monitor Blog. It tells of the writers grandma, Windows XP and AOL Security Edition.
The sole problem I might have with the ad campaign is it implies, Get AOL Get Secure. When it reality the AOL Security Edition is necessary.