AOL bringing security to the masses

AOL bringing security to the masses. There’s a phrase I never thought I’d here. According to their ads they are offering free desktop antivirus and free antispyware software. I think they are building Aluria’s antispyware product into the AOL software, but it looks like McAfee antivirus and personal firewall are separate downloaded that AOL is making it available for free.
It would be much better if antivirus was part of the software with updates via AOLs standard update mechanism. Then the typical user would never have to think about it. I dont know maybe it will work that way.
AOL has made security the the forefront of their current advertising scheme. Its a rather wise ploy. We’ve all seen article after article quoting people who cant keep up on patches, who keep getting hit with viruses, and now on top of it all, spyware is making their computer unusable. AOL’s Internet with Training Wheels just added protection for their customers. I think that’s pretty cool.