Microsoft Monitor takes aim at shoddy reporting has been on the offensive against Internet Explorer as off late. They have run big articles with the headline asking if IE is heading toward extinction. I think that month IE usage slipped from 95 to 93%. Ooo, big scary!
So lately they run an article citing developer frustration with IE, then the next day they have an article on how AOL is building a new browser… wait for it… BUILT ON TOP OF IE. Now they may be contractually obligated to not use Netscape right now, but I still found it kind of funny. Which is it Are developers fleeing IE or building more things on top of IE? I guess it depends on what day it is. I really think has given up on mainstream tech reporting and is trying to get the open source crowd to stop by more. Its TheRegister model. Bash Microsoft to get visitors.
I particularly enjoyed the Microsoft Monitor’s take on this and I’d encourage you to check it out.