Don’t Fallback to FUD

According to SC magazine FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) is still a prime persuasive technique used by IT pros when talking to senior management.
In a unscientific survey of 150 network and security administrators, 49% admitted to pushing the IT Security Booga Booga factor rather than pushing facts.
It is much easier to talk about what might happen using worst case scenarios than to collect facts and statistics. Its easy to be a purveyor of FUD. All you need to do is be imaginative and create an apocalyptic scenario to back up what you want to do. Then when the scenario doesn’t occur, it must be because you saved the day. The problem with this is that sooner or later people catch on.
ROI is the language of the boardroom. While its not always possible to show the ROI to buying antivirus or SecurID without talking about the problems that will occur if it is not purchased. Your prime sales pitch shouldn’t be fear.