MessageLabs announces partnership with Brightmail

Messagelabs announced today that they will be offering the Symantec Brightmail antispam service in addition to the skeptic heuristic antispam service they currently provide.

MessageLabs and Symantec, two leaders in the IT security market, will announce on Sept. 1, 2004 a strategic partnership whereby MessageLabs will incorporate Symantec Brightmail Anti-Spam technology into the MessageLabs Anti-Spam Service alongside MessageLabs’ own predictive technology, Skeptic to further enhance the effectiveness of the service in combating email spam.
This partnership is significant for the email security industry because it represents one of the first instances whereby a managed email security service provider has added Symantec Brightmail’s software technology to its service.
This relationship allows for the combination of two of the leading anti-spam technologies in the market today, while providing a solution that is completely managed at the Internet level and assists organizations of all sizes in combating the growing spam problem while reducing total cost of ownership.
Having pioneered the managed email security services market in 1999 when it introduced the first managed Anti-Virus email security service in Europe, MessageLabs has a strong track record for this type of multi-layered technology deployment. The MessageLabs Anti-Virus service currently incorporates commercial AV scanners from McAfee and F-Secure, two of the leading anti-virus companies in the world, to handle the large catalog of known viruses, while relying upon MessageLabs’ own predictive technology, Skeptic, and the strength of the company’s global network to identify previously unknown or dynamic virus and malware threats. This combination of technologies allows MessageLabs to combat a multitude of threats, including providing protection during critical ‘zero-hour’ virus outbreaks when signatures are unavailable.
As a result of this approach, MessageLabs will use a similar multi-layered strategy for addressing the spam threat, utilizing Symantec Brightmail’s market-leading software alongside MessageLabs’ own predicative Skeptic technology. This should provide customers with unsurpassed protection from unwanted spam.
MessageLabs plans to roll out the combined managed anti-spam service to its existing 8,500 business clients and to new client organizations – both direct and through the company’s global channel partners-later this year. The two companies will also seek to leverage additional opportunities to strengthen their respective leadership positions.
The MessageLabs service will continue to deliver the added benefits available through a MessageLabs managed service, including:
* Quick & Easy Setup
* No Upfront or Ongoing Hardware, Software or Support Costs
* Instant Scalability to Meet Increasing Email Volumes
* Complete 24×7 Customer Support
* Offers Protection at the Internet Layer – Before Threats Reach Your Network
* Minimal Administration Required to Implement and Manage
* Centralized, Automated and Seamless Service Updates
* Email Continuity/Disaster Recovery and Email Attack Detection
We believe this partnership will provide significant benefits in overall Anti-Spam Service performance while creating a strong link between two of the leaders in security today. A copy of the official press release is included below.
If you have specific questions about this announcement, please contact your local client services team.
Jos White
Chief Marketing Officer
MessageLabs and Symantec To Offer Next Generation Enterprise Security Service
CUPERTINO, CA & NEW YORK, NY – September 1, 2004 – MessageLabs, the leading provider of managed email security services to businesses, and Symantec Corp. (NASDAQ: SYMC), the global leader in information security, today announced their collaboration whereby the companies plan to incorporate Symantec Brightmail Anti-Spam technology into the MessageLabs Anti-Spam Service to offer enhanced managed anti-spam services to organizations around the world. MessageLabs expects to deliver the new joint Anti-Spam Service to market in Q4 2004.
Under the agreement, MessageLabs plans to integrate Symantec Brightmail Anti-Spam technology alongside its own proprietary Skeptic™ predictive anti-spam technology, creating a highly effective and accurate, completely managed anti-spam solution. By combining Symantec’s anti-spam technology to its managed email security environment, enterprise customers worldwide will be able to leverage Symantec’s leading anti-spam technology and expertise in combating spam as part of a truly multi-layered solution.
“Spam affects almost all enterprises, creating legal liability problems, introducing security issues, draining network resources, and destroying productivity,” said Richi Jennings, lead analyst for the spam practice at Ferris Research, Inc. “Email-using organizations that are winning the war on spam use effective spam-filtering technology, often using several detection techniques. Managed or outsourced email security services are easy to set up, have a predictable cost of ownership, and make it easy to counter new threats.”
Symantec Brightmail Anti-Spam 6.0 combats spam using 17 filters, more than any other anti-spam technology and includes non-English language filters, reputation filtering, signatures, URL filters and call-to-action rules and is backed by Symantec’s Probe Network of over 2 million spam traps in 20 countries.
The combined solution will use a number of Symantec’s filtering technologies provided through its Symantec Logistics and Operations Center, and focus MessageLabs’ development resources on combating new, unknown and dynamic spam threats in the ‘window of vulnerability’ before a signature is available. MessageLabs pioneered the use of multi-layered technology to combat email threats, launching the first Internet level email anti-virus service in Europe in 1999 that uses a combination of Skeptic predictive technology and third party anti-virus applications.
By offering Symantec Brightmail Anti-Spam technology together with Skeptic predictive technology managed at the Internet level as part of a complementary suite of email security and management services, MessageLabs will be able to provide businesses with multiple protections, easing the burden on in-house IT resources and offering higher levels of service and support. Additional benefits of the combined solution include improved email continuity, dictionary attack protection and disaster recovery, plus infrastructure advantages gained from stopping viruses, spam, Trojans and phishing scams at the Internet level, away from corporate networks.
“Working with Symantec allows MessageLabs, a leader in managed anti-spam services today, to add an additional anti-spam technology across our global network. Combined, it will create an unsurpassed managed email security service for businesses of any size and in any industry and region who opt for the financial, technical and service level advantages of managed, proactive protection,” said Jos White, Chief Marketing Officer, MessageLabs. “The collaboration will further solidify MessageLabs’ position as the leading provider of managed email security services for businesses worldwide.”
“While email has become the communication tool of choice for businesses, we continue to see threats to email on the rise and spam consuming more than 60 percent of inboxes globally,” said Enrique Salem, senior vice president of Network and Gateway Solutions at Symantec. “Symantec views managed services as an important delivery model for our solutions. We are pleased to be working with MessageLabs to deliver our industry-leading anti-spam technology to an expanded customer base.”
About MessageLabs
MessageLabs is the leading provider of managed email security services to businesses based on market share, according to the Yankee Group Security Solutions & Services, February 2004 Report. The company offers industry-leading managed Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Image Control and Content Control services to more than 8,500 businesses around the world to combat email threats before they reach corporate networks and without the need for additional hardware or software. Powered by a global network of data centers spanning four continents, MessageLabs scans tens of millions of emails each day on behalf of clients such as The British Government, The Bank of New York, Bertelsmann, CSC, Diageo, Orange, Random House, SC Johnson and StorageTek. The service is also available through more than 300 global channel partners, including BT, Cable & Wireless, CSC, IBM, MCI and Unisys. For more information on MessageLabs, please visit
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