We’re Doomed I tell ya

Andrew Briney writes in the last page off this months Information Security Mag about flipping coins. In flipping a coin he writes, “history has no impact on the future”. (side note, when something has an impact, I generally think of a violent collision. I think he means effect. Or is that affect?). Because of that, he concludes that just because there hasn’t been a global Internet catastrophe yet, that doesn’t mean one isn’t right around the corner.
Andrew then runs through the Internet destruction idea of the day and how it would ruin all of our lives and plunge America into a third world country soon to be followed by invading Chinese tanks. You see the Chinese economy is not as dependent on the Internet so they will be ready….Oh wait, I’ve gotten off track. That was the Y2k fear mongering. I’m getting that confused with the coming global Internet super-storm. Soon to be portrayed in a book by Whitley Streiber, Art Bell and Richard Clarke.
His writing would be nice if the security industry was populated with a bunch of head in the sanders. But its not. We cant go five minutes without hearing predictions of doom. Doom is big business. Its what sells I.T security. Its was a Winntmag columnist called the booga-booga factor. So before you try to sell me on the end of the world as we know it. Come up with more than the “inevitable doom” doctrine and a fanciful theory on how it will happen. You’ve got to argue against all the fakes and charlatans on your side who tell me the economy will melt down and we will all die if we cant dial into AOL or if the ATM is down for half an hour.