Symantec sued for labeling product ‘adware’

Symantec is being sued for labeling a product as spyware according to a article. It says that Symantec has labeled TrackEight’s product “Spyware Nuker” as adware and as such they have lost business. The SARC writeup is linked here.
SpywareNuker is on the list of rogue/suspect spyware applications maintained by It seems that TrackEights parent company includes adware in most of the products they release. Earlier versions of spyware nuker were ripped off of adaware and spybot search and destroy. This earlier version is still being distributed.
Although the current version is reported to not have these same problems, their sibling companies are responsible for Bargain Buddy, WhenU and MySearch crapware. Do you really want to be using software to remove adware/spyware from the same company that put it there in the first place?
I couldn’t wade through this thread but it remains pretty clear to me that TrackEight are not reputable people.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out assuming the results become public knowledge.