Long Range Hookup Part 2

When I posted yesterday’s entry about the Schmoo Group’s 9 mile connection with their sniper antenna, I meant to throw in a question about why is that significant. Each year at Defcon there is a long distance competition for WiFi connections and I recalled that the record for that was 30 miles. This just in, according to Wired, this years version of that contest was won by a 55 mile connection using 802.11b! Of course these guys were shooting from one mountain to another so they had better line of sight than usual.
So why is the Schmoo Group antenna noteworthy? I’m not sure, I haven’t seen a writeup of their presentation, just some comments from an attendee.
The other funny thing in that Wired article is their original business plan. They were trying to go door to door to let people know their wireless network is insecure and offering to secure it for them for some money. They stopped doing that after it only freaked people out. LOL.