IIS More Prevalent in Fortune 1000

Fortune 1000 companies presumably have the means to run what web servers they want. They have a corporate reputation riding on their ability to run a secure web-server with high availability. In a June 2004 survey, Port80Software found that 54% of Fortune 1000 companies used IIS for their homepage. Apache and Netscape made up the next two largest blocks.
There is an maxim that Apache powers the web. This is based on the oft reported survey by Netcraft showing two thirds of all web-servers using apache. This survey measures hostnames. Web service providers have an incentive to use “free” software. This results in thousands of hosts on a single Apache web server. Even domain names parked at network solutions show up as running on Apache.
As Jason Fossen of SANS points out decision makers at Fortune 1000 companies are not going to put up with a product that cannot be secured. The use of IIS by more than half of these companies shows that it can be secured. Yet the Netcraft survey is cited far more often than the Port80Software survey.