Friends Don’t Let Friends use MS VM

I’m taking an online class in a Information Security Masters program. One of the classes this fall is using a program called Tegrity to broadcast recordings of course lectures. The problem is that the program requires the use of Microsoft Virtual Machine. The Microsoft VM is rather buggy and not a lot of development goes into it. The only reason it is supported at all right now is because MS paid Sun a billion dollars. The current version of the Tegrity program doesn’t have this problem. It uses the Sun JVM which incidentally makes it available with more Operating Systems and browsers.
I went ahead and bit the bullet and installed the MS VM. They didn’t bother telling me they were installing a vulnerable version. It installed build 3805. I let SMS update me to build 3810 when I got to the office the next day.
You’d think a information security program of study wouldn’t require me to install insecure software.