FCC rules on text message spam

The FCC has issued a ruling on text message spam. It requires that cell phone and pager service providers provide the FCC with a list of domains used exclusively for text messaging. The FCC will ban spam to these domains. However, with written or oral permission a company will be allowed to send these messages.
One thing that is odd is this does not include SMS messages, those text messages sent directly to the phone rather than via an email address. The FCC says that autodialers are already banned for this purpose thus new rules are not necessary.
Another thing that is a bit funny is that its the opposite of CAN-Spam. In the CAN-SPAM act the default is to allow spam until you opt out. In this ruling, the default for mobile spam is to not permit spam until you opt-in. Of course in the United States there is often a charge per message (or at least a charge per message over a base amount) for text and SMS messages. This is a much more tangible cost to the consumer for spam than occurs with telemarketing or email spam.
I do kind of wish that the FCC had looked at Bluejacking as well. It will not be long before you are walking down the street and your phone gets a message with an offer of 25 cents off at the Starbucks you just walked past. That sort of thing needs to be stopped before it gets started.