A Master In SANS

I got an email last week from SANS stating that they are looking at interest in a MS in Information Security Management for a MS in Information Security Technology Leadership. They don’t state any specifics but it seems clear from the context that they are looking at creating a Masters programs based around (or completely based on) their SANS conferences and the accompanying certification.
Think about it. You spend one week in the conference. This is equal to the 40 hours of classroom time you might spend in degree program. You are evaluated in a Practical / Term Paper as well as an exam (in some cases two).
I thought Mary Washington College already offered this sort of degree program. Or at least, I can find a Google mention of it from a few years ago.
I would have probably jumped at this a few years ago. I’m not really a math and programming guy and I don’t always see how that relates to my quasi-role as computer security guru. So a degree based on SANS courses would have sounded too good to be true.
But now my opinion has changed some what. I see people getting degrees in networking that consist largely of a Cisco certification. Two to four years to learn to configure a router? To me its just colleges looking to cash in on the computer boom.
What about the quality of the degree. Sure its a fancy sounding degree title that will likely fool HR, but will it be respected by the guys actually doing the hiring? While I have chosen a tougher road in getting a Masters in Computer Science majoring in Information Security, I think it is one that will pay off more in the long run.