Why I stopped worrying and learned to love autoupdates

Remember when we were able to take the time to try out virus definition updates before deploying them to the company? That sure helped avoid unpleasant interactions with company software. At the very least we’d wait a bit and let some other poor sap experience the mayhem at HIS company that comes with a bad virus update.
Over time, that began to be an indefensible position. Too often the enemy would be at the gate before we’d even receive a virus update. The second the definition was available it had to be deployed just to stop the damage. Its funny how best practice shifts over time. Yesterday virus defs are considered carefully before deployment and today we’re begging for anything, even beta defs.
Besides the need to get the new defs out to meet an immediate threat, we also found that the virus def quality had greatly improved and some fears were no longer applicable.
The same thing is occurring now with patching (operating system and programs). I wont bore you by rehashing the mean time to exploit. We all know its the time between release of patch and public exploit is shrinking. Even today we all sit and wait for Tuesday and the 7 patches that are coming. Hopefully this will help with the Internet Explorer mayhem. How long is prudent to wait before deploying the patch when people are actively having their browser exploited? Auto-updating is here for patches as well. Lets hope that in time we can apply these OS and software patches with the same level of assurance we apply the anti-virus patches (virus definition updates).