Webroot Spysweeper Enterprise Update Released

Webroot released an update to their enterprise antispyware product lastnight. Version 1.1
The main improvements reported by Webroot are:
1. Now uses MSI to aide in deployment
2. Ability to run a scan on demand
3. Ability to obtain updates through a proxy server.
Although I’m still in an early stages of the eval process, I can say that webroot meets a lot of my needs for an enterprise level product.
1. Updates are retrieved from the central server. You can check for the client to check in hourly and for the server to check in more often. I haven’t been using it log enough to get a feel for when updates come out. It seems like spyware updates are weekly. One complaint I have about updates is you cant tell what antispyware definition set a client is using! You just have to hope that they pulled it from the server correctly. That seems kind of strange.
2. It checks the memory occasionally for spyware (at least that’s the way it appears to me that the Memory Shield works) in addition to having manual and scheduled scans. To me this isn’t quite the same as real time protection, but its better than most. I also like that 1.1 has added the ability to “scan now” on one system or the entire enterprise from the administration console.
3. The centralized reporting is ok. I would really prefer the ability to export to CSV or have some graphs. The single canned report allows you to select the date range and thats it. It creates a report of spyware by computer.
I really like that webroot allows the end user to run scans also. This new version 1.1 changes the default to run webroot completely hidden. That can be fine depending on your userbase. I would test to prefer something like Symantec Antivirus with the SSC where I can let a user run liveupdate, but he cant change the default schedule. A user can create a scheduled scan or run one now, but he cant disable the default scan I have created.
Webroot has the makings of a fine product here. It is in its early stages, but I think it is the leader in terms of enterprise antispyware products.