Stop the madness

Over the years it has become more and more difficult to keep up with the virus naming schemes of various vendors. Blaster, Welchia, Wachovia, oh wait not that last one. And then you have the varient names. One company’s aa varient is another company’s ai and another’s ah. Its tough to keep track. You hear about a new virus alert and you just dont know if you’ve already got that one covered or not.
If you use one AV product enterprise wide, this probably isn’t much of a problem for you until you try to converse about a virus with someone an acolyte of another antivirus product. However, if you’re like me you have multiple antivirus companies at the various layers of your company. You even have multiple av engines in a single product like Sybari Antigen or Message Labs. This is where the nightmare starts.
Even over at which appears to be trying to be a repository of this information they dont get it right. I go over there to see what’s up with and they have it as being discovered today by Panda. What about yesterday with McAfee and Trend?
Has CVE really helped in the area of vulnerability tracking? I dont know. The Common Vulnerability and Exposures Datebase started by the Mitre Corporation keeps a list of standardized names and a vulnerability number for vulnerabilities. I think that’s kind of database via third party we should have for virus naming schemes. However since many viruses are flash in the pan type events, we need these names fast. Some have suggested using a preordained naming scheme link they do with hurricanes. That still would not solve the varient problem.
I dont know what the ultimate solution is. I just wish someone would stop the madness.