Mi2G does it again

Back in the beginning of July there was a funny parody of a mi2g vulnerability announcement posted to Full Disclosure regarding a information disclosure and possible race condition in the Wendy’s drive through menu order system. http://seclists.org/lists/fulldisclosure/2004/Jul/0311.html If you haven’t seen it, its worth a small chuckle.
Mi2g is best known for issuing bogus press releases regarding the worldwide cost of each virus and other inane methods of self-promotion. Threatening to sue those who mock them is their other pasttime.
Mi2g’s oh so serious rebuttal to the diabolical fake Wendy’s order system security bulletin was posted July 20th. http://www.mi2g.com/cgi/mi2g/press/200704.php Its a real scream!

“The dark side of the internet is increasingly coming into focus as false information posted on “security” portals is purveyed and mirrored without question by a range of inter-linked trusted web sites.”
Gee, I thought the dark side of the internet came into focus when people started emailing the good times virus hoax. Or perhaps it was with the Melissa virus. Or perhaps it was when so-called security experts started releasing exploits to script kiddies to penalize vendors they dont like.
They then go on to imply that this joke is actually part of an extortion campaign. Then they make comments about how full disclosure didn’t take care of verify the posts accuracy. I though the point of full disclosure is to avoid the perceived moderation by Symantec on bugtraq.
As usual Rob Rosenburger does an excellent job in showing that Mi2g has no sense of humor. I’d highly recommend reading his rant on this topic.