George Gardiner – News Flash

George Gardiner weighs in a with a news flash. Not all blacklists are equal. I think the rest of us figured that out a few years ago. But George is a lawyer, so we’ll give him a few years to catch up. He’s still blustering about his right to be heard being hurt by these blacklisters. How there should be clear steps to exonerate his IP address. Apparently he cant deal with each IP address only having one strike.
The point he doesn’t address in this article is why he is sending mail directly from his IP address. As I wrote earlier this week. I think that is a terrible idea. If his mail is so professional and so important, perhaps he should be sending it to a mailserver that can be trusted to attempt delivery.
Many people just flat out don’t want mail from dynamic IP blocks. Stopping that mail slows down the spammers quite a bit. Many ISPs are already on board with this concept. They no longer allow their customers to sent mail out. These ISPs include Cox, Bellsouth, Earthlink, Mindspring, Verizon, Mediaone, and MSN.
I wonder who the intended audience is over at vnunet if this sort of article is actually informative. “Black-lists can backfire.” Thanks for the newsflash.
Right next to this article is a job posting for a Sysadmin with a Security Specialty in the Cayman Islands. Pay is $47k-58k. Unfortunately applications were due by June 23rd. I thought that was kind of funny. Out of date advice regarding blacklists and out of date job posting information. All available at