this office virus free for x days

Do you I.T. workers ever notice that you get a bonus check for when things don’t go well? A virus gets through the defenses and the company loses the ability to work for a period of time. You rack up the overtime and get an award check and maybe even lunch. Does that seem right to you? You work and work to keep the company virus free to little recognition, but when the goalie lets one slip through its recognition time.
I should put a disclaimer here since I know my management reads this. Where I work is really cool. They realize that although I feel like any virus incident equals complete failure on my part to secure the network, it really isn’t possible to do that. The users want to maintain too many rights so a balance has to be struck between security and usability. Sometimes that causes problems. And they have rewarded me for keeping the place virusfree for the most part.
I was thinking it would be funny to put up a sign,”this office virus free for x days. Do your part to keep us safe.” The thought of that just cracked me up and became the impetuous for this entire post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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