More Bad Reporting From ZDNET

A recent ZDNet article was titled “Porn spammers sneak images into Outlook.” I’ve also seen the article titled “Spammers Bypass Outlook 2003 Security”
With a title like that, you might be justified in suspecting somehow Microsoft security has been thwarted. That years of preparation to create Outlook 2003 have been thwarted by placing the image inline.
This is ridiculous.
Do they really think that Microsoft did realize that you can paste pictures into the body of a message? I think the main goal is to stop webbugs. Webbugs are 1 by 1 images loaded from the spammers webserver that act as a beacon to announce you’ve opened the message.
The article does recognize that this is still the case. It also recognizes that it was cause the spammer to have to transfer a larger amount of data for each message incurring a longer cost and slow his ability to spam.
I do wonder if it will be easier or harder to detect spam. Often times a spammer will get “bulletproof” hosting in China. Then all we have to do is block messages that have html pointing to that server. Now, I wonder if the images embedded in the message will have a consistent digital look or if they will constantly be changing it.