Attack on Akamai takes down top Websites

The Washinton Post is reporting that the Tuesday morning outage of sites that use akamai (,,, etc) was due to a distributed denial of service attack.
Akamai is a content distributer used by high-traffic websites. When you go to a site like you are given a site close to your geographic region (and also via DNS round robin). Often large ISPs have their own akamai server to limit the amount of bandwidth used on their Internet pipes. Because of the large number of Akamai servers, it is very difficult to attain a world wide effect. It would take a large number of compromised hosts being used for a denial of service attack. Russ Cooper of TruSecure speculates that this could be an exploit in the Akamai software itself.
At the time of Code Red, many companies were rudely surprised to find their servers being used in a denial of service attack on We need to take the steps necessary to make sure that corporate computers are not vulnerable to this type of exploit. And also that this is detected quickly when installed on employee systems.