Sasser Author Busted?

An 18 year old German student has admitted to creating the sasser worm. Right now it isn’t known how he was caught or if he is responsible for every variant of the worm. Some virus experts have postulated that the sasser worm author was also responsible for the netsky worm. I find it likely that he only borrowed their code.
While it is cool they grabbed this kid so quickly, I do not agree with the antivirus experts who predict this will slow down further worm development. The dumb high school punk worm writing contingent wont be phased by this recent arrest. Also the people who actually know anything have removed themselves from exposure to authorities and are unlikely to be discovered. Remember the big arrest related to blaster? It turned out to be a punk kid who released a worm that didn’t get widespread circulation. He was so sloppy, he was practically picked up before the worm was in circulation.
– update –
In this AP article the police report that this guy did do all 4 variants of sasser and also did netsky.a (likely all the netskys).
Looks like he talked too much and was nabbed by someone wanting the Microsoft virus writers bounty.