Dangers from Standby/Hibernate?

We do it all the time. We dont want to take the time to close all of the applications, shut down the system and have to wait for it to boot when they get into the office. So we use standby or hybernate to save some time. What kind of security problems could this cause?
The first item of concern is that users aren’t running the login scripts of their corporate domains. Many companies use a login script to deploy patches and antivirus, or just to gather information about what is out there.
Secondly, when systems are put into standby or hibernate, the programs they are running at that time, continue to run when the system is resumed. Most viruses write themselves to hard drive and configure the system to launch the virus at each boot. But I cant help but think about SQLSlammer. Viruses that stay memory resident are tough for antivirus to detect. If you suspend, the virus is being walked right into the network. If you had shut down the system, a virus like slammer would no longer be a problem.